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Using Statements Followed by Questions

23 Statements Followed by QuestionsWhen I recommend Student Role Teaching, you may be asking, “Are you saying I should never tell Jehovah’s Witnesses what I believe and why?”

No, sometimes you have to do that in order to get your point across.

But if you aren’t careful, you will come across as trying to take over their “rightful” role as teachers. You’ll arouse opposition, and the Witnesses may decide to stop meeting with you. That’s bad—you want to get through to them, not to drive them away.

So what can you do?

Follow your statements immediately with questions asking the Witnesses for their input.

There are a number of phrases that I’ve found helpful in doing this. Continue reading

Ask Follow-Up Questions to Bring Out the Meaning of Bible Passages

22 Follow Up QuestionsI used to think that having Jehovah’s Witnesses read aloud a passage of Scripture would be enough to get through to them. I’d wait for them to concede the point the Scripture was making. Instead, they would often give me a blank stare.

They read the words, but the words didn’t sink in. They didn’t get the point.

What do you do if that happens?

Ask follow-up questions to bring out the meaning of the passage.

Let me give you an example. Continue reading

Discussing Paid Clergy

ClergymanThe Watchtower asks, “What group is noted for having no paid clergy, all of its members being preachers?”[1] 

It sets itself apart from the church of Christendom this way: “Some religious leaders do preach for money…  In contrast, the Witnesses have no paid clergy, and often their Bible literature is offered without price to sincere seekers of truth…”[2] 

Usually, I avoid discussions on this topic because it’s not a salvation issue. However, sometimes we need to address it. Continue reading

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