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Challenging Watchtower Teachings About the Resurrection

Open tombThe Watchtower’s two-class salvation system is premised on the belief that there will be two different types of resurrection:

  • The 144,000, when they die, receive spirit bodies suitable for life in heaven. Their physical bodies will never be resurrected. They will live in heaven and never again be on earth.
  • The great crowd will one day be raised from the dead in physical—not spirit—form. They will live on the earth forever and never go to heaven.

 I have previously posted a series of blog articles regarding the resurrection which you may find helpful in challenging these Watchtower’s teachings. I’ll give you links to those articles below along with a brief synopsis of what each covers. Continue reading

Establishing Their Own Righteousness During the Millennium

1000 yearsThe Great Crowd must attain perfection during the millennial kingdom

According to the Watchtower, members of the great crowd must try to prove worthy of everlasting life by attaining perfection during the millennial kingdom.

If they prove worthy at the conclusion of this “old system,” they will enter the millennial kingdom on earth, either by surviving Armageddon or by being resurrected (re-created) from the dead in physical bodies. They will start with a clean slate. Their past sins will not be held against them.[1]
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