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Clarify Terminology

24 Clarify terminologyThe Watchtower uses Bible words and phrases but often attaches very different meanings to them. In talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses, therefore, it is critical that you get them to define the terms they are using. Likewise, define the terms you are using.

If you suspect that you have conflicting definitions of words or phrases, explain your understanding of the terms and ask them to explain theirs.

Make clear which definition is being used at various points in the conversation. That way, you will avoid the pitfall of appearing to communicate when in reality you are miscommunicating.

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Using Statements Followed by Questions

23 Statements Followed by QuestionsWhen I recommend Student Role Teaching, you may be asking, “Are you saying I should never tell Jehovah’s Witnesses what I believe and why?”

No, sometimes you have to do that in order to get your point across.

But if you aren’t careful, you will come across as trying to take over their “rightful” role as teachers. You’ll arouse opposition, and the Witnesses may decide to stop meeting with you. That’s bad—you want to get through to them, not to drive them away.

So what can you do?

Follow your statements immediately with questions asking the Witnesses for their input.

There are a number of phrases that I’ve found helpful in doing this. Continue reading

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