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Is Jesus God the Son or Michael the Archangel?

Bible teach Ch 4

Click image to access this “Bible Teach” chapter on the Watchtower’s website

At this point of Chapter 4 of “Bible Teach”, the Watchtower openly denies the deity of Christ and the nature of God as a Trinity by claiming Jesus was a created being.

Assertion #3: Jesus is God’s Son but not God the Son Continue reading

Jesus Isn’t Michael: Five Passages

jesus-is-greater-than-michaelThe Watchtower claims that Jesus Christ is also Michael the Archangel.

There are only five passages of Scripture that mention Michael by name. A sixth passage refers to “the archangel” without calling him Michael.

In the previous post, I covered one of those passages—Revelation 12:7-9. In this post, I will discuss the other five. I recommend that you have the Witnesses look with you one-by-one at each of these Scriptures. Continue reading

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