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Encountering Jehovah’s Witnesses at Carts

36 CartsAccording to Watchtower statistics, more than 165,000 literature carts have been supplied to congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses throughout the world.[1]  Their literature is available to passersby free of charge. This method of outreach is used mainly in high foot traffic metropolitan areas.

The carts are usually staffed by two Jehovah’s Witnesses working in shifts throughout the day. They don’t usually initiate conversations with passersby, and most of the time no one talks with them.

Even if the Witnesses don’t say anything to try to draw people to the carts, they will respond to comments and questions.

If you want to expand your witnessing opportunities, take the initiative by stopping at the cart and talking with them. Continue reading

Connecting with Active Jehovah’s Witnesses You Know

35 ConnectingSeveral years ago, a Christian friend of mine worked in a factory where many of his co-workers were Jehovah’s Witnesses. He said that during the lunch break they all sat together in the cafeteria and never bothered to try to witness to him. He wasn’t upset by that—just curious as to why.

What struck me was that my friend never considered initiating a Bible discussion with any of them.

Do you have any family members, friends, co-workers, or neighbors who are Jehovah’s Witnesses? There’s no reason why you can’t take the initiative in talking to them about God, the Bible, and salvation. Continue reading

Taking the Initiative

34 InitiativeBy far, the most usual situation in which Christians encounter Jehovah’s Witnesses is the familiar one where they come to our homes as part of their door-to-door witnessing.

In other words, they are the ones taking the initiative.

Unfortunately, most Christians hide behind the curtains—pretending they aren’t home—or turn them away immediately by saying, “No, thank you. I have my own religion.”

If you have invited them in and made efforts to get through to them with the real gospel, I applaud you.

Keep it up!

That said, in the next several posts I want to expand your horizons to suggest ways in which you can take the initiative in connecting with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Here are some of the opportunities I’ll be discussing: Continue reading

Letting Go

33 Letting GoIn dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses, there are three areas in which you will eventually have to let go:

  1. Discussing a specific passage of scripture
  2. Focusing on a specific topic
  3. Meeting with the Witnesses altogether

Let’s talk about each of these. Continue reading

Be Creative

32 CreativeSometimes when you are trying to explain biblical Christianity to Jehovah’s Witnesses, it helps to be creative.

Here are a couple examples from my own experience. Continue reading

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