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Inform on Others to Watchtower Elders

306 Inform on Others to Watchtower EldersNot surprisingly, given the legalistic environment of the Watchtower, a Jehovah’s Witness who becomes aware of “serious wrongdoing” on the part of another Witness is supposed to make sure that the congregation elders are or become aware of it. Continue reading

Watchtower Intrusion Aftermath

305 Watchtower Intrusion AftermathAfter nearly six years of threatening married Jehovah’s Witnesses with disfellowshipping if they engaged in “repugnant” and “unnatural” sexual practices, the Watchtower relented—sort of… Continue reading

Turn Yourself In to Watchtower Elders

304 Turn Yourself In to Watchtower EldersIn the previous post, I documented the Watchtower’s intrusive regulation of the intimate sexual conduct of married Jehovah’s Witness couples.

This marital micromanagement became a major problem for the organization. But how did the organization find out what married Witness couples were or weren’t doing in the privacy of their own bedrooms?

The Witnesses told them!

Why would they disclose such intimate information? Because of the Watchtower culture which requires Witnesses to report their own wrongdoing to the elders. Continue reading

Watchtower Bedroom Intrusion

303 Watchtower Bedroom InstrusionIn 1972, the Watchtower’s Governing Body decreed that even for consenting, married Jehovah’s Witnesses anything other than “the natural way for a married couple to have sexual relations” was a disfellowshipping offense. Continue reading

The Extent of Watchtower Shunning

302 The extent of Watchtower shunningLast time, I documented the Watchtower’s position that Jehovah’s Witnesses must not have any unnecessary contact with friends or family members who voluntarily left the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

I noted that they treat the same as they treat a former Jehovah’s Witness who has been disfellowshipped (excommunicated) for gross sin.

How far do they take this? Continue reading

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