What God Really Offers

Offering giftAs we saw earlier in this series, the Watchtower teaches that in order to obtain God’s approval, Jehovah’s Witnesses need to maintain righteous behavior in this life and eventually progress to moral perfection by the end of Christ’s millennial kingdom.

What they fail to realize is that there is no way human beings can ever by self-effort become righteous enough to meet God’s standards. If we try to establish our own righteousness—that is, if we try to generate sufficient righteousness by self-effort and dedication—we are thwarted at every turn by the dead spirits we inherited from Adam. Continue reading

Refuting Miscellaneous Watchtower Arguments About Heaven

HeavenBecause the Watchtower teaches that the great crowd will live on a paradise earth and that only 144,000 anointed ones will go to heaven, Jehovah’s Witnesses like to stump Christians with questions we haven’t thought of regarding our final destination. Their purpose is to get us to doubt what we believe and make the Watchtower teachings more credible.

Let’s look at some of these questions and consider how to respond. Continue reading

Refuting Watchtower Arguments: “Only a Little Flock Will Go to Heaven”

144,000 in heaven bIn order to show you that there are two classes, Jehovah’s Witnesses will have you read Luke 12:32, where Jesus says, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Then they will take you immediately to Revelation 7:4, which says, “Then I heard the number of those who were sealed, 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.” Continue reading

Refuting Watchtower Arguments: “Only Jesus Went to Heaven”

Jesus in heavenThe Watchtower has a number of arguments to convince you that in Bible times, only Jesus went to heaven. Continue reading

Challenging Watchtower Teachings About the Resurrection

Open tombThe Watchtower’s two-class salvation system is premised on the belief that there will be two different types of resurrection:

  • The 144,000, when they die, receive spirit bodies suitable for life in heaven. Their physical bodies will never be resurrected. They will live in heaven and never again be on earth.
  • The great crowd will one day be raised from the dead in physical—not spirit—form. They will live on the earth forever and never go to heaven.

 I have previously posted a series of blog articles regarding the resurrection which you may find helpful in challenging these Watchtower’s teachings. I’ll give you links to those articles below along with a brief synopsis of what each covers. Continue reading

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