Explaining the Trinity

Trinity ChartOne day a friend who is a former Jehovah’s Witness asked me to explain the Trinity.

We were going to part in about 10 minutes, and I burst out laughing.

My immediate thought was, “How in the world can anyone explain such a complex concept in so short a time?”

Then I gave it my best shot anyway and did a fairly decent job.

Later I realized that it would be wise for Christians to prepare a soundbite explanation of the basics of the Trinity in order to be able to give Witnesses a solid and memorable framework for further discussions. Continue reading

Who Is the Creator?

CreatorThe Watchtower teaches that only the Father is Jehovah God.

Examined side-by-side, two passages of scripture challenge this theology. Continue reading

Challenging Watchtower Reliability Regarding Blood

Blood 2In last week’s post, I suggested a number of soundbite replies you might use in order to challenge the Watchtower’s ban on blood transfusions on scriptural grounds.

There’s another approach you can take, and that is to focus on the fact that the Watchtower has made significant changes in its teaching regarding blood. Continue reading

Discussing Blood Transfusions

Blood TransfusionJehovah’s Witnesses are predictable in the points they make in support of the Watchtower’s ban on blood transfusions.

Let’s look at what they will tell you and come up with good soundbite responses. Continue reading

Exalting the Name of Jesus

Name of JesusWhen discussing with Witnesses the importance of the name “Jehovah,” you can use soundbites to build a positive case for the fact that the name the New Testament exalts most highly is “Jesus.” Continue reading

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