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When Jehovah’s Witnesses first came to my door in 1972, I decided to talk with them about Jesus. My heart was in the right place, but I was totally unprepared and outmatched.

I didn’t know what Jehovah’s Witnesses believed or why they believed it. Consequently, I had no idea how to respond to what they told me. In contrast, those two Witnesses were well versed in Watchtower theology and well prepared with their magazines, books, and Bible proof texts.

In those days, there were few resources to help the Christian. I asked friends for help coming up with biblical answers to what the Witnesses were saying, but all they advised was to stop meeting with them because the Watchtower religion is a cult. Granted, if you steer clear of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you won’t get sucked into the Watchtower organization. But you won’t lead any of them to Christ either.

Today, there are a lot of resources available for Christians who want to understand Jehovah’s Witnesses and get through to them. Nevertheless, most Christians aren’t aware of them.

I participate in a number of online forums, and I frequently read posts like this: “A Jehovah’s Witnesses asked me how Jesus can be equal to God the Father when in John 14:28 he specifically said, ‘The Father is greater than I am.’ Help! How do I answer that?”

Or: “I told some Jehovah’s Witnesses that salvation comes by grace through faith apart from works but they quoted me James 2:26, which says, ‘Faith without works is dead.’ What should I say?”

Because of this, I have decided to do a series of blog articles about books on Jehovah’s Witnesses that I have found helpful. Each week I’ll cover a different book. Of course I can’t hope to deal with every book that’s available, but I will describe to you the strengths and limitations of a number of books that I have in my library.

The books I’ll be reviewing are as follows: Continue reading

Discussing the Rich Man and Lazarus: Explaining the Christian Understanding

Rich summaryAfter you have shown the Witnesses the inconsistencies and contradictions in the Watchtower’s interpretation of the rich man and Lazarus account, you can tell them why your own understanding makes more sense to you.

I suggest making the following points: Continue reading

Discussing the Rich Man and Lazarus: The Five Brothers

Rich 27-31In this post, we’ll discuss the third and final segment of Jesus’ account of the rich man and Lazarus, Luke 16:27-31.

Abraham has just refused to let Lazarus give the rich man water. The rich man responds: Continue reading

Discussing the Rich Man and Lazarus: The Great Chasm

Rich 24-26In the last post, we covered the first segment of Jesus’ rich man and Lazarus account. We saw that the Watchtower doesn’t believe the story is a teaching about a conscious existence after death. Instead, it sees the account as a parable about a reversal of Jehovah’s favor which took place when Jehovah instituted the new covenant at Pentecost.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to engage Jehovah’s Witnesses in discussion of the second segment of Jesus’ story, Luke 16:24-26: Continue reading

Discussing the Rich Man and Lazarus: Why an “After Death” Story?

Rich 19-23In discussing the rich man and Lazarus account with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I recommend that you begin with the Watchtower interpretation. Tell them there are aspects of it you don’t understand and ask them to clarify.

I suggest dividing the account into three segments and addressing the passage topic by topic.

In this post, we’ll discuss the first segment, Luke 16:19-23: Continue reading

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