Let Jehovah’s Witnesses Be the Teachers

13 JWs TeachersJehovah’s Witnesses must be the teachers, and you must be the student.

That’s the only way to get them to continue to have ongoing spiritual discussions with you.

You will actually be teaching them things, of course, but indirectly (as a questioning student) rather than directly (as a teacher).

Evidence Ministries President Keith Walker calls this “Student Role Teaching.”

Here’s why Jehovah’s Witnesses insist on being the teachers. Continue reading

How Witnesses Hope Your Meetings Will Go

12 Witnesses HopeWhen Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your door, they won’t be adlibbing.

They have been well-trained in what to say in order to try to set up a series of meetings with you.

These will be meetings where they will be in charge and hope to systematically teach you Watchtower doctrine until you are ready to become a Jehovah’s Witness yourself.

Today, I’m going to walk you through that process so you’ll know what they will do and why. Continue reading

Think Like a Jehovah’s Witness

11 Think like JWIn order to get through to Jehovah’s Witnesses, we need to learn to think like a Jehovah’s Witness thinks.

I don’t mean we need to agree with them. I mean we need to understand them.

We need to know what they believe and why.

We need to understand what will put them at ease and what will arouse opposition.

We need to understand how our words might be misconstrued so we can avoid those pitfalls. Continue reading

How to Avoid Getting Derailed

10 DerailedOne time as I was about to embark on a series of meetings with two Jehovah’s Witnesses (or so I thought), instead of getting out his materials the lead Witness stared at me and asked point blank:

What is your purpose in meeting with us?

The tone seemed to me to be accusatory, sort of like my father sitting me down and saying, “Son, don’t you think there is something you ought to tell me?”

I quickly realized that the “wrong” answer might derail the whole process. They might tell me there was really no point in going further and head for the door. Continue reading

Should You Give Your Personal Testimony?

09 TestimonyWhen I first became a Christian, mentors told me that one of the best ways to share the gospel is to give your personal testimony of what Jesus has done for you.

Is that method effective in getting through to Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who have become Christians disagree on this, so I’ll give you the pros and cons. Continue reading

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