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Jehovah’s Witnesses by Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

Jehovah's WitnessesDescription:

This 83-page paperback is part of a Zondervan series of small books on cults. In order to include a large amount of content in a short book, the book is written in outline format. Continue reading

Approaching Jehovah’s Witnesses in Love by Wilbur Lingle

Approaching Jehovah's Witnesses in LoveDescription:

When Wilbur Lingle was pastoring a church in Japan, Jehovah’s Witnesses began  converting some members of his congregation. He engaged the Witnesses in conversation himself but made little progress as he tried to reason with them on various doctrinal issues.

After hearing the testimonies of a number of ex-Witnesses, Lingle came to the conclusion that the most effective approach would be to focus on the unreliability of the Watchtower organization. He states, “As I continued to deal with as many J.W.’s as possible, I kept coming up with more thought-provoking questions to ask the Witnesses concerning the Watchtower organization.” (p. 11) Continue reading

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah’s Witnesses by Ron Rhodes

Reasoning From the Scriptures with the Jehovah's WitnessesDescription:

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah’s Witnesses is a 458-page paperback that has sold over 100,000 copies.

Each chapter deals with a specific doctrinal issue. It begins with a summary of Watchtower teaching on that topic. It then discusses and refutes the major arguments made by the Watchtower and explains and defends the Christian alternative. The chapter then presents highlighted “Ask…” segments, questions the reader can ask the Witnesses to show them the flaws in the Watchtower’s reasoning.

Rhodes then draws upon and expands on witnessing do’s and don’ts recommended by the late cult expert, Dr. Walter Martin. This five-page concluding chapter gives the reader four do’s and two don’ts regarding witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses.  

Reasoning From the Scriptures With the Jehovah’s Witnesses contains the following chapters: Continue reading

How to Rescue Your Loved One From the Watchtower by David A. Reed

How to Rescue Your Loved One From the WatcttowerDescription:

How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watchtower differs from Reed’s other books in that its primary focus is not on doctrinal understanding but on witnessing do’s and don’ts. It has one main approach—giving the reader a step-by-step method for showing the Watchtower organization’s unreliability by documenting its changes in teachings on a small number of issues. Continue reading

Why You Should Believe in the Trinity by Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

Why You Should Believe in the TrinityDescription:

In 1989, the Watchtower published a 32-page brochure entitled, “Should You Believe in the Trinity?” Their answer was no, and they gave their reasons why they believe the Trinity doctrine is false, pagan, and satanic.

Robert Bowman, Jr. wrote this 136-page book, Why You Should Believe in the Trinity, not as an exhaustive treatise but rather as a Christian response to the assertions made in the Watchtower brochure.

He begins by explaining the Trinity doctrine—what it is and isn’t. He explains its practice significance it terms of the value of Christ’s sacrifice. The sacrifice of a God-man is of infinite value in contrast to that of the sacrifice of a created being. Continue reading

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