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Christian Freedom: The Cross

As late as the 1920s, the Watchtower used a cross-and-crown symbol. However, now it says that the use of a cross in worship is pagan and idolatrous. (p. 241)

Because the Watchtower criticizes Christians over this issue and has convinced Jehovah’s Witnesses that it is one of the marks that distinguishes the authentic Christian faith from the false Christianity of Christendom, you may need to address this issue with them.

Your objective will be to show Witnesses from the Scriptures that it is perfectly acceptable for Christians to display and wear crosses if they choose to do so. In fact, the practice honors Christ and his sacrifice. Continue reading

Did Jesus Die on a Cross or on a “Torture Stake”?

Bible teach Ch 5

Click image to access this “Bible Teach” chapter on the Watchtower’s website

Does it matter whether Jesus died on a traditional cross or on an upright stake without a crossbeam (as the Watchtower teaches)? For Christians, this isn’t a salvation issue. But to Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s  salvation issue which sets them apart from pagan “Christendom.” Continue reading

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