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Dealing with the Watchtower’s New World Translation

29 NWTAlthough Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t object to you using your favorite version of the Bible, the only one they really trust is the Watchtower’s New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT).

Despite the fact that Witnesses consider the Watchtower version to be the most accurate translation of the Hebrew and Greek texts, many times the verses have been rewritten to support Watchtower doctrines.

As Christians who are trying to get through to Jehovah’s Witnesses, we need to know how to deal with this reality.

In my opinion, there are four strategies you can use to do this successfully. Continue reading

Biblical Salvation: Righteousness from God to Save Us from the Penalty of Sin

Salvation - Sin debt forgivenImagine for a moment that you owe someone a staggering amount of money—let’s say a billion dollars. There is no way that you would ever be able to pay it off. In order for you to be rescued from this predicament, a very wealthy and generous person would have to pay it for you.

Of course, the sin debt we owe to God is not monetary, but moral. Nevertheless, the principle is the same. No amount of good deeds on our part would be sufficient to atone for our sins. We need a Savior whose righteousness far exceeds our own. Continue reading

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