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The Watchtower Perpetuates Immaturity Through Legalism

312 The Watchtower Perpetuates Immaturity Through LegalismYoung children need the structure of household rules established by their parents, backed up by rewards for obedience and punishment for disobedience. However, if they live under such a system all their lives, something has gone seriously wrong.

Why do I say the Watchtower perpetuates immaturity through legalism? What is wrong with the way it functions? Continue reading

The Watchtower’s Thoughtcrime of Apostasy

311 The Watchtower's Thoughtcrime of ApostasyJehovah’s Witnesses can be disfellowshipped and shunned as apostates for believing differently than what the Watchtower teaches as truth.

The Watchtower states that “apostates are ‘mentally diseased,’ and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings… Jehovah, the Great Physician, tells us to avoid all contact with them.”[1] It compares them to “a dog that returns to his own vomit.”[2] Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Fear of Armageddon

310 Jehovah's Witnesses' Fear of ArmageddonThe Watchtower does not believe in everlasting torment. “Many have striven to be pious out of fear of hellfire,” it says, “but God does not want you to serve him because you are terrified of him.”[1]

However, many former members have related on online forums that as Jehovah’s Witnesses they were terrified by constant Watchtower teaching about Armageddon. Continue reading

Motivating Jehovah’s Witnesses by Bloodguilt

309 Motivating Jehovah's Witnesses by Bloodguilt“Bloodguilt” isn’t a concept most of us think about, but the Watchtower uses it as a powerful motivator to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses going door-to-door witnessing. Continue reading

Watchtower Control Over Door-to-Door Witnessing

308 Watchtower Control Over Door-to-Door WitnessingIt makes sense that the Watchtower would keep track of which homes have been visited in the door-to-door witnessing efforts, what the responses were, and the like.

But it also keeps detailed records on the number of hours individual Witnesses put in each month in the field service. They are expected to hand in written monthly reports.

Why? It’s a control mechanism. Continue reading

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