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The March 27, 2021 Watchtower Memorial Observance

Many of you will have received a letter this year inviting you to attend the annual Watchtower’s Memorial observance on March 27.

This event is the Watchtower’s explanation of its two-class salvation system.

It’s the Watchtower’s version of communion, at which only those professing to be of the 144,000 heaven-bound class are supposed to partake.

Everyone else is invited to pass the bread and wine on by respectfully.

Here is a link to a previous year’s post in which I explained what it’s like to attend the Memorial. 

This year the Memorial will be online rather than in person due to the pandemic, but the talk they give will essentially be the same.

Showing Jehovah’s Witnesses the Real Meaning of the New Birth

Jesus and NicodemusThe Watchtower says that the new birth is a designation by Jehovah’s spirit of a person to the heavenly class. Using this definition, it claims that Jesus was born again as are each of the 144,000 who will one day go to heaven. In contrast, those in the great crowd do not need to be born again since they do not have a heavenly calling.

The best way I know to show Jehovah’s Witnesses what the new birth really is about is to focus on John 3 and ask them what Jesus expected Nicodemus to understand when he told him that he needed to be born again. Continue reading

All Christians Are in the New Covenant

Bread and wineBecause of the Watchtower teaching that only the anointed 144,000 are in the new covenant, at their annual Memorial service (their version of communion) only those who profess to be in this special class are allowed to partake of the bread and wine. Others are encouraged to attend, but they are required to pass the bread and wine by. This includes all Jehovah’s Witnesses who are in the great crowd, because the Watchtower says that the new covenant in Christ’s blood is not for them.

With regard to this practice, I recommend that you draw the Witnesses’ attention to the following Scriptures. Ask them to read them out loud. Continue reading

Differences Between the Watchtower’s Two Classes

ChasmIn previous articles, I described the Watchtower’s two-class salvation system. Today I want to set out a number of differences between the two classes (according to Watchtower teaching; note: individual Jehovah’s Witnesses may not be aware of all of these teachings). Continue reading

Attending the Watchtower Memorial

Lord's_cup_and_BreadOn April 11, 2017 after sundown (Nisan 14 on the Jewish calendar), the Watchtower will hold its annual Memorial service commemorating the death of Jesus Christ, also known as “The Lord’s Evening Meal.”

Bread and wine are passed to all attenders, much as in a church communion service. The big difference is that at almost all of the Kingdom Halls worldwide absolutely no one actually partakes of anything!

This all seems quite normal to Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the first time I experienced it, it seemed quite bizarre. Frankly, it still does. Continue reading

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