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The Faith and Works Approach Video

16 VIDEOOn Saturday, September 28, 2019, I gave a talk entitled “The Faith and Works Approach” at the Witnesses Now for Jesus conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

It included a simulated dialogue between a Christian and a Jehovah’s Witness, with my wife playing the role of the Witness (even though she never was one).

Here is a video of that talk.

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What Are You Relying On?

14 What Are You Relying OnI think it’s important for us to make clear to Jehovah’s Witnesses that the relationship between faith and works is not just a matter of semantics.

We don’t all believe the same thing just using different terminology. Continue reading

The Salvation Process

13 Salvation ProcessJehovah’s Witnesses and Christians have a very different view of the salvation process.

In order to get through to them, we need to be able to understand and articulate these differences.

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Watchtower Faith and Works Proof Texts

12 Watchtower Proof TextsIn addition to citing James in support of their doctrine that salvation requires both faith and works, the Watchtower also uses partial quotations from both Matthew 10:22 and Philippians 2:12.

Here’s how you can deal with those texts. Continue reading

What James Says About Faith and Works

11 JamesAfter you show Jehovah’s Witnesses that Paul says we are saved by faith apart from works, they are certain to take you to James 2:21-24 to try to persuade you that salvation is a product of faith plus works.

Here is how you can respond. Continue reading

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