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Section 5: Now Take Action!

Kindle book coverLast time, I gave you brief descriptions of what’s in each of the six chapters of Section 4 of my book, Getting Through to Jehovah’s Witnesses: Approaching Bible Discussions in Unexpected Ways.

Now I’d like to give you a short summary of Section 5.

From my own experience, I know how easy it is to read a book like mine, get some great ideas, put the book on the shelf, and then do nothing.

I am deeply saddened when I hear testimonies from ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who say something like this: “I went door-to-door as a Jehovah’s Witness for more than 20 years and in all that time no one shared the real gospel with me. Why didn’t you?”

That’s why Section 5 of my book consists of one chapter which is a call and encouragement to action. Continue reading

The Premise of My Book

Kindle book coverHow will my book, Getting Through to Jehovah’s Witnesses: Approaching Bible Discussions in Unexpected Ways, help readers who want to reach Jehovah’s Witnesses with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Let’s face it. Standard gospel presentations don’t work with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have been trained to ignore them. They focus instead on teaching us “the truth”—that is, Watchtower theology.

Here’s how it goes. The Witnesses present one of the Watchtower’s heretical teachings. The Christian expresses disagreement. The Witnesses respond with replies the Watchtower has trained them to give. Both sides start exchanging Bible proof texts. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth they go.

The Christian tries to explain sound Bible doctrine to the Witnesses, but the attempt doesn’t penetrate because the Witnesses are locked into their prepared presentations. Everything is utterly predictable. Nothing gets accomplished.

There’s got to be a better way—and there is. Continue reading

Soundbite Witnessing Safeguards

SafeguardsAs we saw in the previous blog article, using soundbites in witnessing has a downside.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them.

However, it does mean that it’s important to establish some safeguards. Continue reading

The Negatives of Soundbite Witnessing

Thumbs DownAs we saw in the first two blog articles in this series, using soundbites in witnessing can be a very effective communication tool.

Unfortunately, it also has a downside. Continue reading

The Positives of Soundbite Witnessing

Thumbs UpIn the context of religious dialogue, soundbite witnessing means sharing or defending one’s faith through the use of short, memorable statements, questions, or quotations.

Let’s look at some of the positives of soundbite witnessing. Continue reading

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