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Why Study Galatians with Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I recommend that you try to get the Witnesses to lead you in a study of the New Testament book of Galatians. Why that particular book? Continue reading

What If They Refuse?

Previously, I have discussed the advantages of having a genuine Bible study with Jehovah’s Witnesses—that is a verse-by-verse study of an actual book of the Bible rather than a Watchtower publication.

Why might Witnesses refuse to participate in such a study? First, they have never been taught how to do it. Second, the Watchtower teaches that no one can properly understand the Bible without the Watchtower organization to explain it to them.

So what do you do if the Witnesses flatly refuse to agree to an inductive study using the Bible alone? Continue reading

Having a Real Bible Study

The Watchtower teaches that the Bible alone is God’s inspired and infallible Word. Yet Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t study the Bible in context. Instead, they study Watchtower literature to find out what the Bible really means.

Watchtower leaders carefully select the passages that will be covered. As a result, there are many Scriptures of which Witnesses either have superficial knowledge or of which they are completely unaware. In addition, the Watchtower often hopscotches the Bible, connecting unrelated passages in a way that appears to teach its doctrines.

When they come to your door, Jehovah’s Witnesses will offer you “a free home Bible study.” If you accept, what you will get instead is a study of Watchtower doctrine out of a Watchtower book which gives you the Watchtower’s answers to questions posed by the Watchtower. Continue reading

Wrong Expectations

Wrong expectations“Wrong expectations” sounds much nicer than “false prophecies.” Accordingly, the Watchtower often defends itself against a charge of being a false prophet by comparing itself with Bible prophets who had misunderstandings.

Let’s examine this defense in some detail and consider how to respond. Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Organizational Mindset: The Only Way to Salvation

mindset-4-only-wayIn this series, we are examining four specific Watchtower claims which all sincere Jehovah’s Witnesses believe.  

 Watchtower Claim #3: The Watchtower organization is the only way to salvation

On its website, the Watchtower denies that it believes that only Jehovah’s Witnesses will be saved.[1] In one sense this is true, because Watchtower teaching is that people who die before God’s impending judgment day of Armageddon without an adequate opportunity to learn “the truth” will be resurrected and given a chance to learn it during the coming 1000-year reign of Christ. However, that statement is misleading in three ways. Continue reading

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