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The Watchtower Asserts Without Citing

Twisting Saying without Citing“Saying but not citing” is an error in which “a writer says that the Bible says such and such but does not cite the specific text (which often indicates that there may be no such text at all).”[1]    

The Watchtower commits this error frequently. This allows them to imply that they are just teaching what the Bible teaches, when in fact the Bible provides little or no support for their teaching.

Here are four examples from Watchtower literature: Continue reading

Speculative Watchtower Prophecy: 1914

Twisting 1914Speculative readings of predictive prophecy occur when “a predictive prophecy is too readily explained by the occurrence of specific events, despite the fact that equally committed biblical scholars consider the interpretation highly dubious.”[1]

The prophetic speculation errors of the Watchtower are enough to fill a book—maybe several books.

I am going to highlight just some of the things it has said over the years about the significance of the year 1914.  Note how—instead of giving up making predictions and assertions—the Watchtower simply changes its teachings and keeps on making prophetic claims. Continue reading

The Watchtower Once Taught That There Are Four Degrees of Salvation–Two Heavenly and Two Earthly

Twisting Four Degrees of SalvationThe figurative fallacy means “either (1) mistaking literal language for figurative language or (2) mistaking figurative language for literal language.”[1]                   

The Watchtower has committed this error many times throughout its history. I will discuss two topics: (1) degrees of salvation and (2) the meaning of Jesus’ story about the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31).

I’ll discuss the first one this week and the second one next week. Continue reading

The Watchtower Collapses Contexts

Twisting Collapsing ContextUsing a reductio ad absurdum, Walter Martin demonstrated how, by collapsing contexts, we can make the Bible seem to teach anything:

  • Matthew 27:5: “[Judas]… went and hanged himself.”
  • Luke 10:37: “You go, and do likewise.”
  • John 13:27: “What you are going to do, do quickly.”

Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Fear of Armageddon

310 Jehovah's Witnesses' Fear of ArmageddonThe Watchtower does not believe in everlasting torment. “Many have striven to be pious out of fear of hellfire,” it says, “but God does not want you to serve him because you are terrified of him.”[1]

However, many former members have related on online forums that as Jehovah’s Witnesses they were terrified by constant Watchtower teaching about Armageddon. Continue reading

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