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The Identity of Jesus Christ

In a nutshell, here are the conflicting views of Christianity and of the Watchtower regarding the identity of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Get Out of “Babylon the Great”!

Bible teach Ch 15

Click image to access this “Bible Teach” chapter on the Watchtower’s website

Acting under the assumption that by this point in your study you believe only Jehovah’s Witnesses practice the true religion, paragraph 15 (p. 151) of Chapter 15 urges you to take immediate action: “To be approved by God, not only must we believe in his existence but we must also do his will. We must also break free from false religion and embrace true worship.” Continue reading

Dealing with Specific “Commandments”

Bible teach Ch 12

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“Bible Teach,” Chapter 12, paragraph 17 (p. 121) emphasizes the importance of obeying Jehovah’s commandments. Paragraph 18 (p.121) refers you to a box entitled “Shun What Jehovah Hates” (p. 122). The list includes the following:

  • Spiritism
  • Participation in wars or political controversies of this world
  • Misuse of blood
  • Use of tobacco or so-called recreational drugs

Continue reading

Why Did the Watchtower Cite a Known Spiritualist?

Bible teach Ch 10

Click image to access this “Bible Teach” chapter on the Watchtower’s website

Today, we’ll discuss the final two topics of Chapter 10 of “Bible Teach”:

  • The Watchtower’s citation of a spiritualist author in support of its John 1:1 “a god” translation
  • The supposed importance of addressing our prayers to Jehovah by name

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Dealing with the Anti-Trinity Appendix

Bible teach Ch 4

Click image to access this “Bible Teach” chapter on the Watchtower’s website

Paragraph 12 of Chapter 4 (p. 42) of “Bible Teach” refers you to the Appendix entitled “The Truth About the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” (pp. 218-219). I will call this “The Anti-Trinity Appendix.”

If you have decided to discuss the full doctrine of the Trinity at this point in your study with the Witnesses, you will want to discuss this appendix in some depth. If you prefer to leave that discussion for later (Chapter 10 or Chapter 15), you can come back to this discussion at that point.

The appendix begins with this statement (p. 201): “PEOPLE who believe the Trinity teaching say that God consists of three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each of these three persons is said to be equal to the others, almighty, and without beginning. According to the Trinity doctrine, therefore, the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, yet there is only one God.”

That is actually a good statement of the Trinity doctrine!

But p. 202 follows that up by saying, “Many who believe the Trinity admit that they are not able to explain this teaching. Still, they may feel that it is taught in the Bible.”

That statement provides a springboard for you to discuss anything I covered in The Jesus Is the God-Man Approach and The Holy Spirit Is God Approach from my book, Getting Through to Jehovah’s Witnesses: Approaching Bible Discussions in Unexpected Ways,  including presenting a positive biblical case for the Trinity rather than just a response to Watchtower proof texts. Continue reading

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