1. Have you ever pulled the curtains and pretended you weren’t home in order to avoid talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses? Have you ever opened the door but turned them away by saying something like, “No, thank you. I have my own religion”? (p. 1) Share your experiences.


2. Dave says that all he knew about Jehovah’s Witnesses when he first started talking with them was (p. 3):They call God “Jehovah”

  • They go door-to-door witnessing in pairs
  • They offer people a magazine called The Watchtower
  • They won’t take blood transfusions.

What else did you know about Jehovah’s Witnesses before you started reading Dave’s book?


3. Did you know that Jehovah’s Witnesses teach these things?

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christians. (p. 3)
  • They are the only true Christians in the world. (p. 3)
  • King David and John the Baptist will never go to heaven; theirs is an earthly hope. (p. 4)
  • Only 144,000 “anointed” Jehovah’s Witnesses will go to heaven. (p. 5)
  • All the rest of those who will be resurrected will live on a paradise earth. (p. 5)