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The Resurrection: Where?

Resurrection WhereThe Watchtower teaches that the resurrection of the dead will be to two separate and distinct locations:

  1. Jesus and an “anointed” group of 144,000 Christian witnesses of Jehovah will be resurrected in spirit form and live in heaven. They will rule as kings and priests over the earth but will never come there physically.
  1. Everyone else who is raised from the dead will be resurrected in bodily form and will live on the earth, which will then be a paradise. This group will never go to heaven.

But let’s look at what the Bible says about this. Continue reading

The Resurrection: When?

Resurrection WhenAlthough Christians believe that people have souls that survive physical death, this is not the resurrection. The resurrection will be a reuniting of soul and body that will take place in the end times.

So far as we know, no one other than Jesus Christ has been resurrected yet.

The Watchtower disagrees. Continue reading

The Resurrection: Why?

Resurrection WhyChristians believe that all of the dead will be resurrected in the end times either to live forever in paradise (the saved) or to experience everlasting conscious punishment (the unsaved). The determination will be made by God based on whether or not in this life they repented of their sins and accepted God’s free gift of salvation purchased by Jesus Christ on the cross.

But the Watchtower teaches something quite different. Continue reading

The Resurrection: Who?

Resurrection WhoWho does the Watchtower believe will be resurrected?

In its article, “What is the Resurrection?” (located under the tab “Bible Teachings” on the Watchtower’s website,, the Watchtower says that everyone will be resurrected. But then it tells us that they won’t. Continue reading

The Resurrection: How?

Resurrection HowThe Watchtower claims that there are two types of resurrection bodies—spiritual (suited for life in heaven only) and physical (suited for life on earth only).

Let’s look at two passages in 1 Corinthians 15 which it uses as proof texts to see if it is right or wrong. Continue reading

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