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Are Holidays Evil?

christmas-tree-clip-art-LTKdEy5TaThe Watchtower prohibits Jehovah’s Witnesses from celebrating holidays because of their supposed pagan origins and because Jesus said that his followers are no part of the world (John 15:19).

Want specifics? Here’s what the Watchtower book Reasoning from the Scriptures has to say: Continue reading

Is It Wrong to Celebrate Birthdays?

birthday-1008396_1280The Watchtower prohibits Jehovah’s Witnesses from celebrating birthdays. Witness children are not allowed to attend birthday parties of non-Witness friends, nor are they allowed to give or receive birthday presents or cards.

I wouldn’t raise this issue for discussion because it’s not a salvation matter. However, if Witnesses insist on talking about it, I recommend that you show them from the Scriptures that what days a Christian does or does not celebrate is a matter for the individual’s conscience, not for organizational rule-making. Continue reading