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The Inner Struggle of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Attempting the Impossible

Impossible equationNothing is as stressful as trying to do something that simply cannot be done, especially when you think that your eternal life depends on it. This is the situation in which the Watchtower places Jehovah’s Witnesses. Continue reading

Is It Wrong to Celebrate Birthdays?

birthday-1008396_1280The Watchtower prohibits Jehovah’s Witnesses from celebrating birthdays. Witness children are not allowed to attend birthday parties of non-Witness friends, nor are they allowed to give or receive birthday presents or cards.

I wouldn’t raise this issue for discussion because it’s not a salvation matter. However, if Witnesses insist on talking about it, I recommend that you show them from the Scriptures that what days a Christian does or does not celebrate is a matter for the individual’s conscience, not for organizational rule-making. Continue reading