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Scriptures that Show Conscious Existence After Death

Rich Life after deathWhen discussing what happens after death, the Watchtower is selective in the texts it examines. Rather than looking at all verses that bear on the matter of conscious existence after death, it ignores passages that don’t support its doctrine. Draw these passages to their attention and ask for their explanation. Continue reading

Attending the Watchtower Memorial

Lord's_cup_and_BreadOn April 11, 2017 after sundown (Nisan 14 on the Jewish calendar), the Watchtower will hold its annual Memorial service commemorating the death of Jesus Christ, also known as “The Lord’s Evening Meal.”

Bread and wine are passed to all attenders, much as in a church communion service. The big difference is that at almost all of the Kingdom Halls worldwide absolutely no one actually partakes of anything!

This all seems quite normal to Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the first time I experienced it, it seemed quite bizarre. Frankly, it still does. Continue reading

Must We Call God “Jehovah”?

Graphic of the names Jehovah, Yaweh, Lord, God, YHWHI never try to talk Jehovah’s Witnesses out of calling God “Jehovah.” The problem is that the Watchtower claims that we must use that name and address him as “Jehovah” whenever we pray to him.

But is that really true? Continue reading