Month: March 2017

Biblical Salvation: Righteousness from God to Save Us from Our Selves

Salvation - Dead spirit transformedAccording to the Bible, in addition to needing forgiveness to save us from the penalty of sin, we also need to be from the power of sin that controls us. We are born spiritually dead, a condition we inherited as descendants of Adam. Self-improvement plans cannot make us righteous. We need a way to become righteous inside so that we can live the kind of life God desires. In short, we need transformation. Continue reading

Biblical Salvation: Righteousness from God to Save Us from the Penalty of Sin

Salvation - Sin debt forgivenImagine for a moment that you owe someone a staggering amount of money—let’s say a billion dollars. There is no way that you would ever be able to pay it off. In order for you to be rescued from this predicament, a very wealthy and generous person would have to pay it for you.

Of course, the sin debt we owe to God is not monetary, but moral. Nevertheless, the principle is the same. No amount of good deeds on our part would be sufficient to atone for our sins. We need a Savior whose righteousness far exceeds our own. Continue reading

Biblical Salvation: Two Problems God Had to Solve

Salvation - Two problems solvedWhat’s the best way to learn how to spot counterfeit currency? By becoming thoroughly familiar with the real thing. Likewise, before we discuss the Watchtower salvation system with Jehovah’s Witnesses, we need to make sure we have a solid understanding of what the Bible actually teaches. Continue reading

Attending the Watchtower Memorial

Lord's_cup_and_BreadOn April 11, 2017 after sundown (Nisan 14 on the Jewish calendar), the Watchtower will hold its annual Memorial service commemorating the death of Jesus Christ, also known as “The Lord’s Evening Meal.”

Bread and wine are passed to all attenders, much as in a church communion service. The big difference is that at almost all of the Kingdom Halls worldwide absolutely no one actually partakes of anything!

This all seems quite normal to Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the first time I experienced it, it seemed quite bizarre. Frankly, it still does. Continue reading

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