Month: February 2017

The Inner Struggle of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Attempting the Impossible

Impossible equationNothing is as stressful as trying to do something that simply cannot be done, especially when you think that your eternal life depends on it. This is the situation in which the Watchtower places Jehovah’s Witnesses. Continue reading

The Inner Struggle of Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Treadmill

TreadmillThe Watchtower’s emphasis on proving worthy keeps Jehovah’s Witnesses on a never-ending treadmill of works, continually uncertain of where they stand with Jehovah and fearful that they will be judged to have fallen short. Continue reading

The Inner Struggle of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Fearing They Won’t Prove Worthy

It is ironic and tragic that Jehovah’s Witnesses come to our doors to tell us about God’s wonderful promise concerning how we can live forever in paradise on earth, yet they have no assurance at all that they themselves will be there. Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Organizational Mindset: All Other Religions Are Satanic

mindset-5-others-falseIn this series, we are examining four specific Watchtower claims which all sincere Jehovah’s Witnesses believe.  

Watchtower Claim #4: All other religious organizations are false and satanic

Once a person accepts the claim that the Watchtower is the one and only organization through which God is working, then it follows that the Watchtower religion must be the one true religion and its teachings alone must be “the truth.” Contrary teachings and practices of other religions must be in opposition to the truth and therefore come from Satan.
Continue reading

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